Bill McCann

Bill McCann


Li Zi Chuang

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When history is forgotten, the future is lost.

Bill McCann


Bill in Seoul 2015

Seoul 2015

Born and educated in Ireland, Bill McCann has worked as a research chemist, archaeologist, project manager, departmental manager, geophysicist, company director, historical adviser and technical writer. He is currently working as a university lecturer in China. (In between that lot, he had great fun as a barman, dishwasher, hotel cook, movie house manager, taxi-cab dispatcher, hotel/bar stock controller and opinion survey interviewer.)
Driven by a passionate curiosity and intense wanderlust, he has travelled widely and explored the cultures of many lands and peoples.
He is a devoted bibliophile who has been an avid reader since the age of seven and continues to build his personal library which currently contains about 4,000 volumes on a range of subjects, including, Literature, Art, Music, Theatre, all the natural Sciences, Philosophy, Politics, Language, Mythology and, of course, History.
The Nutshell Books project aims to distil the essence of the epochs, milestones, and personalities that made and shaped world history into a format more amenable and accessible to the denizens of the electronic age.

He sees no sense in the notion of retirement and has every intention of avoiding the grave for as long as possible.


Bill in Beijing 1991Bill Roma 2000

Beijing 1991 and Roma 2000


Bill Hiong Kong 2015Bill Macau 2015Bill Hezhou 2015

From left to right: Hong Kong 2015; Macau 2015; Hezhou 2016