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When history is forgotten, the future is lost.

Lǐ Zì Chuǎng

Rick in Yulin 2014

Yuliln 2014

Lǐ Zì Chuǎng (Rick) grew up in Henan, China, in the heartlands of the ancient Xia Dynasty. After completing his High School education he elected to enter Hezhou University in the Guangxi Autonomous Region, where he took English, with an emphasis on Tourism, as his Major. He has now completed his university years and is currently working for a company in Guangdong which has an international client base.

At the beginning of his second year at university, Bill McCann arrived to teach in the Foreign languages department. The two soon established a good rapport that has since grown into a close friendship.

Concerned at the complete lack of English language books in Hezhou, Rick suggested to Bill that they might set up a Bookshop that would make English books and magazines available to the students of the university. The result was Bill 'N' Rick's Bookshop.

Rick was also the inspiration behind the series of Nutshell Books about the emperors of China, which is dedicated to him.

More importantly, he was worked closely with Bill in developing a practical Course in Spoken English that would help the English major students to become fluent in speaking English. That Course, much of which has now been trialled in the classroom, is the foundation for our first series of Nutshell Guides – The Nutshell Guide to Fluent English. The first volume of that series, which is co-authored by Bill and Rick, will be published very shortly.

Rick Liuzhou 2014 Rick Suzhou 2015Rick Seoul 2015

From left to right: Liuzhou 2014; Suzhou 2015; Seoul 2015

Rick Hong Kong 2015Rick Macau 2015Rick Hezhou 2016

From Left to right: Hong Kong 2015; Macau 2015;Hezhou 2016