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When history is forgotten, the future is lost.

Nutshell Books

Hallowe'en in a Nutshell

Islam in a Nutshell

London's Blue Plaques in a Nutshell

Volume 1: Theatrical Plaques

Volume 2: Musical Plaques

Volume 3: Literary Plaques

The Catholic Popes in a Nutshell

Volume 1: The Age of Persecutions

Volume 2: The Age of Heresies

Volume 3: The coming of Age

The Emperors of China in a Nutshell

Volume 1: From the Yellow Emperor to the Xia Dynasty

Volume 2: The Shang Dynasty


The Nutshell Guides to Fluent English

Volume 1: Pre-Intermediate Level

Volume 2: Intermediate Level

BBC Sounds of English; IPA Symbols Chart; Pronunciation Practice; Poetry Readings

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